Saturday, January 31, 2009

Red Sky in the Morning

I'm definitely a lark, a morning person. I usually wake early and prefer doing the bulk of my activities in the morning. The mornings are my own special time. No one to bother me, space to do what I need to do and no one using all the bandwidth on the bloody computer.

Today the morning gave me a gift too - the most beautiful sunrise. I looked out and saw that the sky was streaked with pink, blood red and pale orange. The horizon positively glowed with the still darkened houses silhouetted against it. The effect was transitory though and within three minutes the sky was a uniform pale grey, the sun having risen weakly on a cold winter's day.

I did manage, however, to take a photo of nature's ephemeral light show. I showed it to Flora who responded with the adage' Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.'. We shall see.

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