Monday, April 27, 2009

Radio voice transmission

I am so noughties I could eat myself. Not only do I 'know' lots of people on Facebook, do predictive text and appear on videos on YouTube but I have now been on a rather trendy actually programme on the radio. Surely that qualifies me for fully paid up media hooo-er status.

Yesterday S and I appeared on South:Live, a new music programme that covers the Solent and Sussex areas. We spent all day rehearsing two numbers and arrived at the allotted time for the soundcheck only to find that the other band doing a session had turned up late and were now doing theirs. No matter we thought, noticing that Dan the poor technical bloke was under considerable pressure.

The other band were your typical trendy types with the right jeans and well thought out hair. S and I on the other hand arrived with some cushions from S's sofa to put the waterphone and handbells on and a nice box of tissues in case of runny nose emergencies. We really are so rock n roll.

Our session was towards the end of the programme which gave us the opportunity to see exactly what a radio producer does. I'm amazed any of them live beyond forty as it seems to be a highly stressful job. My heart was in my mouth as she counted us down to our live performance and then suddenly I seemed to relax into it. There was nobody in the room but us and the engineer and it didn't seem as if there was an audience out there at all (there was at least one!).

We are now waiting with baited breath for Jools to call us. Surely he's got room for a couple of forty something eccentrics with their own cushions and Kleenex. We've been on the wireless you know.

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