Friday, May 1, 2009

The Da Vinci Commode

Leonardo Da Vinci. What a man! Painter, designer, inventor. A real Renaissance renaissance man, if you get my drift. So it was no surprise then to discover in the toilets at Luton Borough Council a Da Vinci toilet roll dispenser. I'm not sure that there was toilet roll in Leonardo's day but then again there weren't helicopter pads and he still invented a proto-helicopter.

Looking at its clever two roll dispensing system (one for now, another for backup) and its cunning spool threading system, I felt sure that had Leonardo been asked to invent a toilet roll dispenser this would have been it. Da Vinci's own website illustrates the amazing inventiveness of their dispenser which helps with that tricky problem of stub roll waste. How often have you chastised yourself for wasting that all important stub?

'Da Vinci toilet tissue dispensers overcome the drawbacks of traditional jumbo toilet roll dispensing by eliminating stub roll waste. The dispensers control usage by allowing access to only one roll at a time.'

'Only when the first roll is finished can the second be accessed. This allows for efficient replenishment and ensures that product need never run out.'

Indeed perhaps La Gioconda's was smiling as she sat on the loo knowing that she was about to use Leonardo's wonderful toilet roll dispenser with its innovative 'replenishment system.'. Perhaps this is the secret of her enigmatic smile, she's feeling a bit smug as she knows that if one roll runs out there will be a backup. No more asking her mates to pass some bog roll under the cubicle door for our Lisa.

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