Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A lovely, yeasty blast from my past....

Funny I should mention Horlicks in my last post. The other day I was in the local chemist shop and it occurred to me that you never see Horlicks Tablets anymore. We used to sometimes be treated to them when our grandmother went to visit her friend Mrs B in the chemist down the road, where Mrs B served behind the counter and got all the gossip on the ailments of her neighbours.

Horlicks Tablets were little tablets that tasted like, er, Horlicks and came in a foil tube surrounded by a satisfying little paper tube. They gave you a lovely Horlicks hit with some for later as they were rather dry and got stuck in one's teeth. They were hard to extricate from the tube so often you had to nibble them out which meant the ones beneath got a bit soggy and would stick to the wrapper, so often you had a Horlicks tablet and the foil.

Sadly they don't appear to make them anymore or I would have introduced my children to this delight. Even now I can feel the weight of them stuck in my molars- oh bliss! But wait. I have discovered that they are still available in America. I'll wager if we reintroduced them here, there would be a lot of interest and it could save our young people from the evils of cannabis, glue sniffing and other recreational drugs as they have all the requisite features of foil, tubes etc and the only side-effect is a nice snooze. What could be nicer?

I am off forthwith to mention it to Mr Brown. He might make me Horlicks Czarina and I can spend all the returned expenses money on importing tubes from the states and of course setting up manufacturing facilities in the UK. It can't fail to work!

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