Thursday, May 14, 2009

Move over Liza, Edith and Judy - a new gay icon is on the scene

Our show in the Brighton Fringe has received three very positive reviews so far and one in particular from a gay, lesbian, transexual and bisexual website. The writer hoped that we would receive the 'cult stardom' we deserve (shucks!). More importantly the reviewer recognised that I wasn't dressed as the Hinge half of Hinge and Bracket but was working a 20s-30s bohemian vibe. Yes, I feel gay icon status approaching.

So what makes a gay icon and indeed could I be one? A certain element of tragedy, overcome womanfully yet always with you, flickering across one's face in those quiet moments. Er, check-
ish. I've had my share of 'tragedy' like anyone but nothing on the Judy scale, nor have I been a prostitute (see Edith and Billy), an alcoholic (see Liza) or had a life threatening illness (see Kylie).

A tendency to dress theatrically? Check, sometimes. Although I don't wear silk pyjamas at night but sport a Dennis the Menace teeshirt and some grey jogging bottoms. Not terribly diva-like. A voice suffused with sadness? Well I do make old ladies, and indeed our reviewer, shed a tear (for the right reasons hopefully). A self-destructive drink or drugs habit? Well, I do sometimes go a bit heavy on the Diet Coke and have a chronic Ventolin dependency. Does that count?

I think gay icon status would be rather marvellous actually although I do wish their straight brethren noticed my charms as readily. It would be nice to think they do but don't express it in the same way, I doubt it though. So in the absence of any convincing straight attention I'll take what I can get and bask in the temporary glow of a positive review. You'll excuse me while I lie on my chaise longue with a glass of absinthe, being tragic.

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