Monday, June 22, 2009

Order, order!

The phrase 'Speaker of the House of Commons' conjures up someone aged and venerable so I was a little surprised to find that the new speaker, John Bercow, is only two years older than me! This presents me with two scenarios: either I have reached an age where I could be be considered aged and venerable or, and this is the one I prefer, the House of Commons is looking for a more dynamic, contemporary outlook. Option two sounds good to me. I'm hoping that he will introduce a whole new discourse to the Commons, calming braying MPs with a quick 'Shut it!', none of this 'Order, order' stuff and introducing an MP with a snappy 'wassup girlfriend' (that would be for Anne Widdecombe). Personally though I miss the sonorous Welsh tones of the late Lord Tonypandy. Nobody said 'Order, order!' with quite the same poetry.

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