Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The mysteries of summer dressing

It's too hot. I can't sleep, I've got the wrong type of skin for hot and worst of all I don't know what to wear. I lurch from looking like a 1970s hippy to a sort of RE teacher on a tour of the Holy Land look. On the way I've explored 'Tender is the Night' nautical looks (palazzo pants and stripey tops - well as palazzo as you get in Primark) and ladylike pruning roses looks.

The clothes in autumn and winter are so much better. I love woolly tights, I love proper shoes, I love coats and hats, I love boots and lace up shoes. In the autumn I feel like Gudrun and Ursula in 'Women in Love', in the summer I feel like The Famous Five.

I'm working the hippy RE teacher vibe tomorrow. A sort of combination of all my summer clothes. As long as I'm not hot, I've ceased caring.

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