Monday, November 2, 2009

Central heating bleating

The kids and I are doing our bit for the environment at the moment. We're not deliberate eco-warriors it's just the central heating has broken down. And it's effing freezing here! Yes the system has given up the ghost just when the weather has decided to turn wintry.

How I long to hear the twanging of a radiator warming up and smell the hot paint. Instead I am sitting here in my bobbly woolly cardigan feeling cold and fed up. I might even go to bed in a minute just to be cosy and it's only twenty to seven!!!

I suppose I shouldn't moan as a friend is currently living in a caravan and he's going to be very, very cold indeed. I suggested he get a dog as Aborigines are said to use them for warmth, even measuring the coldness by the number of dogs required to keep warm. So tonight is probably a three dog night. He replied that a woman might be a good idea , I suggested he invest in a nice plump one who would retain heat. The advert for that position is one I'd like to see!

ETA: I've been keeping myself warm in the meantime by doing domestic tasks such as washing up (hot water) and tumble drying the towels (hot air). But now all is well, warmth has been restored. With the help of some cutlery, Patrick has managed to get the central heating working again. Not sure what he did but he had his head in the airing cupboard and was taking instructions from my Dad. Bliss! You can send back the extra blankets, flasks of hot soup and tin foil capes.

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