Monday, November 9, 2009

The lady's not for turning....

....doing three point turns, parking or reversing. Due to a temporary malfunction on my modest little Su uki WagonR, I am driving my Dad's humongous, eff-off people carrier. I feel like I'm driving a tank in one of those old Soviet military displays.

How do people drive big cars? And how do people drive lorries and the like? Only today I saw a tanker driver do the most precarious maneouvre in a tight space, terrifyingly close to some parked cars. I watched from the window, with a person who owned one of the aforesaid parked cars, my heart in my mouth as the driver negotiated the limited space with the articulated vehicle. How can he do this yet I can't even reverse out of a parking space in my Dad's car without asking someone, anyone, to see me out?

A lot of it's about spatial awareness - something I don't have much of to be honest. The rest I suspect is to do with believing you won't hit anything. I can be miles away from an obstacle and still convince myself I'm going to hit it - which somehow makes my chances of hitting it greater (don't ask me how this works but it's true).

My little Su uki may be mocked (yes, you know who you are cruel mockers) but at least I've got a cat in hells chance of parking it and getting it round a multi-storey car park without scraping it against any walls. Come back Suki, all is forgiven!


Sara said...

What I hate is when men say to you when you are trying to negotiate a tight spot "Left hand down, now straighten up - easy does it" etc - this means nothing to me. Or when they bang on the boot to stop you. What's that all about? It's a man thing to stop us understanding what the hell we are supposed to be doing.

jenny.spacedog said...

That's true. My Dad calls cars 'she' and says things like 'swing her round' as I swing 'her' round into the nearest dustbin!