Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too much information

There was an item on Woman's Hour yesterday about people who 'overshare' on social networking media such as Twitter and Facebook. I squirmed for a couple of seconds - was I guilty of this I wondered as one who posts regularly on Facebook and has a blog (albeit one read by one man and his dog).

As the item went on I felt my discomfort dwindle. I definitely am not the sort of person who would Twitter about the progress of my abortion in a blow by blow, no holds barred account. Nor am I like the man who Twitters about his haemorrhoids. No compared to these people I really am the soul of discretion.

Despite this, J (who because I am so discreet I never mention by name or relationship to me - actually) reckons that I have revealed an awful lot more than I realise about myself on the web. My view is that I don't reveal anything deeply personal and I certainly don't go in for spilling my love life all over Facebook with regular updates and changes to my relationship status. In fact I don't even have a relationship status, that's how discreet I am. Nor have I mentioned my religion, political stance or even my favourite film.

However, today I did post that I'd accidentally put on a pair of child's tights and had spent the whole day hoiking them up and walking round with the crutch around my knees. My view is that while I'm spilling all this silly stuff, nobody will be interested in the real stuff and actually the real stuff is pretty dull anyway.

How about a blog on my menstrual cycle called Monthly Martyr? Too much information?

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