Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wibbly Wobbly Lane

For some time I've been intrigued by a road sign just outside Hitchin on the road to Luton. It tells you that the road is Carter's Lane formerly known as Wibbly Wobbly Lane. Why it isn't still known as Wibbly Wobbly Lane I'm not sure but I was sure that I wanted to go down it.

So on Saturday, with Patrick for company, for who knew what wobbly terrors might greet us, I drove down Wibbly Wobbly Lane. Quite what I was hoping for I'm not sure. Wibbly Wobbly people perhaps wibbling and wobbling down the road to the sound of Rolf Harris on the wobble board.? Perhaps a wibbly wobbly driving experience where I negotiated bend after bend?

The truth is more prosaic. Wibbly Wobbly Lane is a bit wibbly wobbly but not excessively so. I've been down many a wibblier wobblier lane. However it is a fantastic name and I don't really mind that it doesn't quite live up to it. If that's wibbly wobbly for the good people of Hitchin, that's good enough for me.


任何時間 said...
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Unknown said...

Hopefully you won't hear Rolf Harris due to his past unsavory sexual activities he is currently in gaol.