Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking the pledge - again!

I am an addict! Yep, I have fallen off the wagon yet again. Not Class A drugs, cannabis, alcohol or cigaretttes. My vice is the silver ones, Diet Coke. They sit on the shelves looking benign and even 'good for you' but let me tell you, they are the devil's own water.

Why I can so quickly be addicted to it I know not. I don't like the taste of it that much and when I'm not drinking it, I wonder what I saw in it in the first place. But once I'm in its thrall, the little silver bastards speak to me from the chilled cabinets like caffeine filled sirens.

This has to be the week I give up. I was doing really well and had managed a number of months without them. Then a few weeks ago I had to sit around in a mind-numbingly dull place with a colleague waiting for people to whom we could sell the services of our organisation. No one turned up and the two of us chatted, twiddled our thumbs and went next door to the newsagents for crappy magazines. Then my colleague decided to 'treat' me to a drink and I heard the siren call of Diet Coke yet again. I should have known that whatever chemical kick they deliver would bring my resolve crashing to the ground again.

The worst thing is that I start to believe that I actually won't be able to cope if I don't drink the shitty stuff, that somehow it is 'helping' me to cope with life's struggles and challenges. The truth is it does quite the opposite. What's good about your nerves in tatters, fractured sleep and a horrid sense of forboding. Yes folks, that's how wonderful Diet Coke is.

So tomorrow I am going to take some paracetemol with me, for my headache is likely to be gargantuan, and I'm giving up again. I hope!

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