Monday, February 1, 2010

Middle aged? Not me (well a bit)

I am officially more middle aged on Friday than I am the moment. I know 45 is middle aged, I acknowledge and accept it, gracefully even, but I'm not giving in completely yet. Recently I stopped to get some petrol at a station just outside Yeovil (the town in the heart of the country with the mind of a city incidentally) and advertised on the pump was my nemesis. For £4.00 one could purchase a cosy blanket with armholes and, wait for it, pockets for your remote controls. Note remote controls plural. To me it felt like nothing less than a fleecy shroud. Wearing that would be giving up, saying yes I am officially ancient, pass me the big slipper, the Emmerdale box set and a packet of Werther's Originals.

Nor am I ready to dress like a middle aged person. Of course I can't dress like a 16 year old - that would be embarrassing - but I say nay to Juicy Couture Lite velour tracksuits and pah to sensible blouses. I want to grow old with just a modicum of style and cause my children just a little character building shame.

Today I was thinking about my hair, as I often do. Should I dispense with my trademark blonde bob which feels really me and go for a middle aged lady's hairdo with tasteful golden highlights? Part of me thinks there will be a time when I should give it all up but it isn't today. So I say nuts to being 45 - I'm off out with my super blonde hair, pink shoes and lairy tights. If you want to stop me, you'll have to arrest me first!

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