Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To pea or not to pea - wet is the question (sorry!)

If you'd asked me what peawet was a week ago, I'd have guessed a peewit that wets the bed or maybe a special kind of hard rain that feels like peas hitting you. However, peawet is neither of these highly plausible explanations. I have it on authority that peawet is a special gastronomic delight from the fish and chip shops of Wigan. It is the watery bit around mushy peas and apparently was given away for people to have with their chips or if you were really broke scraps.

Now mushy peas are nice but they are pretty watery in themselves so peawet must be particularly watery. Despite this there are several Facebook pages where Wiganites and the Wigan diaspora get all misty eyed about the stuff.

I am glad though that peawet isn't what happens when your pelvic floor goes and you cough too hard. I am looking forward to the opportunity of using this new word in a game of Scrabble and being very smug when I'm challenged.

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