Sunday, August 2, 2009

My tarot teenager

Saturday saw the kids and I watching the procession for Brighton Pride The rain held off for the actual procession which was just as well as there was an abundance of brightly coloured feathers and game chaps with their bums hanging out of barely there pants.

Not long after the procession, the heavens opened but we were wet anyway so decided to visit the shops. Patrick, perhaps a little traumatised by his exposure to Pride, had his mind set on getting some tarot cards. Seems only yesterday that his goal was a set of Pokemon cards so I was a little surprised.

We found a suitable shop where we discovered that tarot cards come in all sorts of designs, all based roughly on the original design - if there is such a thing. There were fairy tarots, art deco tarots, Lord of the Rings tarots (there would be!), National Trust tarot (alright, I made that one up). However Patrick plumped for a fairly traditional set which cost a princely £26! I asked the rather snooty shopkeeper if there was an economy set and he snorted at me with barely disguised disdain, actually let's just call it disdain; his tarot reading must have been a bit negative that day.

Apparently Patrick will soon get used to his cards which will help his 'reading'. Good. I'm hoping he develops a real talent for it and can earn some money on the side doing little readings. He'll have to tidy his bedroom first and develop a more mysterious persona. When mystery was given out, our family were at the back of the queue so it might be quite hard but I think there's room for a few wide-eyed, chubby cheeked blond tarot readers. He also has a yen to buy a long black coat so that might add to his mystique.

If he does well I might even get him a Pokemon tarot set like the one in the attached picture. They didn't have those in Brighton!

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