Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pimp my filing cabinet

I am the proud owner of a second hand filing cabinet which I acquired from work where a number of pieces of office furniture are being disposed of. I am that rather inconvenient type who is deeply untidy but isn't happy about it. I am hoping my new filing cabinet will bring some order to my environment which so far it is doing very well.

But now the important thing for we form over function types. What does it look like? Well, as filing cabinets go it isn't bad really. It's a reasonably inoffensive shade of cream with contrasting brown trim - OK it is pretty ugly. However it is robust, functional and the drawers are capacious and open and shut smoothly.

Now though I want to pimp my filing cabinet. My plan is to spray it a more fetching colour with shocking pink being at the top of my list. I might buy some nice stickers to put on it or something similarly decorative. In my dreams I imagine studding it with LEDS that light up when I open the drawer or perhaps I could rig it up with fairy lights.

I've found a rather wonderful customised filing cabinet on the web, picture attached to this post,. which is giving me some inspiration. Looks a rather challenging design but you can't deny it's rather stylish, for a filing cabinet.

Having seen what others can do, I feel quite overcome with excitement. When does B and Q open?

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Jackson said...

Oh, at first I thought the black and white cabinet in the picture was the one you pimped. LOL! And I thought cars are the only ones which are pimped! Hoho! Anyways, you have lots of designs and patterns to choose from. What you think fits your personality will surely be the thumbs-up for that.

Jackson Gaydosh