Friday, August 14, 2009

My blog of many colours but mainly purple

Ah a week off work - such bliss and an opportunity to mess around with the colours on one's blog. A friend was showing me another woman's blog the other day and I rather liked her black background and the font she was using so thought I'd nick her design. Then I started changing the colours and decided to change the text to purple - Purple Passages, geddit?

My dear friend Sara (aged over 40) says it is now difficult to read while my dear daughter Flora (aged 11) says it isn't. I think it looks nice but I do have to take into account the needs of my - cough - older readers. Eleven years olds can see infinitesimally small specks with no problem while we slightly older people often need help even with big writing. It would be a tragedy if my readership of about three were put off by my new branding. It hurts to think so many would be denied the chance to read my incredibly insightful posts dealing with important contemporary issues such as buying shoes, scarecrows and Horlicks.

So anyway, I intend to road-test the new Purple Passages corporate look with a few other people to see if I need to change it. Can you read this Sara?


Sara said...

Pardon - I am deaf you know

Purple Passages said...

I'm very old so I don't know what you young 'uns like to see in a blog.

Nickie said...

These colours are fine :D

Now follow me back...

Tally xxx

SeaThreePeeO said...

Looking good!

HoweverI have discovered a problem with links in my new blog The Poor Relations. They're a lovely shade of pale orange, but on a white background they look invisable.