Saturday, September 5, 2009

The lost zed

At some point in its history, my modest, unassuming little car had a falling out with the letter zed and became a Su uki. This a source of great amusement for the kids and we've had all sorts of fun thinking about replacing the lost zed with an 'f' or a 'p'.

The other thing we've noticed is the other cars that have lost letters and gained new names. We've seen both a Ford A and an Olvo. We wonder if there is a special place where all the lost letters go and get together to make new names for cars. It would explain that car that's named after an ovulation prediction kit for a start.

I rather like having a car with its own 'special' name and don't know if I'd want the zed back if I could get it. My car has little to recommend it but the fact that it is a car, it's mine (well sort of) and it gets around on a teaspoon of petrol, so I feel that its zedless name makes it a bit special and even, dare I say, edgy. Well as edgy as a Suzuki Wagon R can be, which isn't very edgy.

You know what? Anyone who wants to give me a zed can Su uki off as far as I'm concerned. I like it the way it is.

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