Monday, October 26, 2009

Costume-Drama Affective Disorder

I have been inexplicably weepy this afternoon. It all began with a dramatisation of 'Emma'. It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am a push-over for a costume drama. Yep, I'm an absolute sucker for men in tight trousers and floppy shirts, nice frocks, good English, manners and a bit of nicely pitched melodrama.

I watched the final episode of Emma today on IPlayer, fully conversant with the ending as I've read the novel and seen at least two TV/film adaptions of it but nonetheless enjoying it immensely. I know very well that Mr Knightley marries Emma but I found myself overwhelmed with emotion when he proposed to her. The tears flooded down my soppy face and then everything set me off from there on.

I believe I am suffering from a little known condition called CAD: Costume-Drama Affective Disorder for which the only known cure is back-to-back viewing of Top Gear and Panorama. Of course CAD only affects those who are for some reason susceptible and I'd just said goodbye to someone I care about and was feeling a bit pensive. Not the time to watch people in low cut frocks emoting. I should have known and watched something bracing and slightly annoying like Ray Mears or Location, Location, Location, programmes that elicit more constructive emotions like ire, disdain and irritation.

But no, stupidly I opened myself up and ending up having a prolonged blubbing session about just about anything I could blub about. Feeling lots better now, thanks awfully for asking.

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