Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Five good deeds

Flora makes her promise at Guides tonight and suddenly realised she had to think of five good deeds she had done. It was a tough call and after a little imaginative thinking we came up with five, four of which will need to be performed retrospectively.

However, I am in no position to be smug or self-righteous. Could I come up with five good deeds myself? Probably not. I avoided running over a pheasant at the weekend - reasonably good but the pheasant didn't care. I washed the kids' school uniforms but that's what I always do so that doesn't count. Er, I loaned two skirts to my friend's daughter about a month ago - hardly Edith Cavell material. See it's quite hard and I don't think any of mine will put me in line for the Nobel Peace Prize or a Victoria Cross.

I am going to have to find someone to do a good deed for very soon but in the meantime I think I'll call in one of Flora's - the dishwasher needs stacking.

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