Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ten questions

Flora has two interesting pieces of homework to do this week - ten questions you'd ask Jesus and ten good things about Dunstable. You might imagine that ten questions for the putative Son of God might be harder, taking in matters theological and metaphysical. But no, believe me trying to think of ten good things about Dunstable is far more difficult.

Once we'd listed the beautiful Dunstable Downs, proximity to London and historic Priory church, we were running out of ideas. I felt a little guilty about this as part of me wants to 'big up' our benighted town centre with its full range of pound shops and estate agents and urine scented night clubs.

There's nothing else for it - make it up! Let's mention the stunning sea views, charming bijou shops and fresh mountain walks. If all else fails we could use one of one of our questions for Jesus and see what he thinks.


sales said...

You forgot Dunstable doughnuts, and the Statty Fair. What's not to love?

Jenny said...

Statty Fair - of course. Dunstable must be one of the only places to have a punch up during an aerial acrobatics show in the theatre. That's almost Restoration.