Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wielding rightful English

There was an interesting item on the Today programme yesterday about English as it was spoken pre-Norman conquest. Right that sentence contained about 6 Latinate/French words. So my aim today is to write this wielding only English words.

As you will see, it's hard. What did the folks from across the grey water-way do for us? Gave us lots of new words to wield although I do rather like the straightforwardness of our rightful English words.

Short telling this one owing to lack of Frankish words! Come back William the Conqueror, all is forgiven.

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Through A Woodland, Craftily... said...

Hahahhaaaa!!! I hadn't realised it was so hard - I may try it myself later.
Problem with me is that I talk so much - restrictions like this would make me a near mute :o