Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm so zen - well almost

I dreamt last night about a special kind of portable piano called a Nosh-Nosh. Apparently these are special quiet pianos made by gypsies to use in their caravans. I also dreamt my sister and I were involved in a project to remove all the lichen from an old ruin. We're not really and neither, as far as I know, is there a quiet piano beloved of Romanies called a Nosh-Nosh.

I put my vivid and rather bizarre dreams down to the fact that last night I was deeply stressed. I slept fitfully, dreamt outrageously and overthought to a degree that's bad even for someone like me who's made overthinking her life's work. Add to this my flickering eye and thick throat and I really was a classic example of anxiety.

Tonight some level of calm is restored. I've just been walking in the snow and found myself enjoying the crunch beneath my feet and the way the street lights make it twinkle. In fact I'm so much calmer I might even get the Nosh-Nosh out and have a bit of sing-song before doing some lichen scraping. Aaaaah.


假裝 said...
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Purple Passages said...

I removed it because it was in Chinese.