Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh no, its VD again!

If ever there was a woman made to be adored it is me. That's not to say I'm adorable, just that I'd like to be adored. However my life's experience so far is that it's the ones who don't actually care who are the adored. Their very insouciance makes them alluring, a skill I have failed to grasp being less like an iceberg ready to be thawed and more like a warm, comfortable puddle.

At this time of year, one becomes acutely conscious of being neither adorable nor adored. The shops are full of bloody VD! Yes it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. I'm all for a bit of romance and I think the original idea of Valentine's Day is rather lovely i.e sending a little anonymous billet-doux to someone for whom you harbour tender feelings but I don't find today's Valentines industry at all romantic. There seems to be huge pressure on people to buy the biggest padded card, the most expensive bunch of flowers and it's all expected and no longer a sweet and simple surprise.

I was talking to a young colleague today who had high expectations of receiving a proof of her beloved's devotion from Elizabeth Duke at Argos and possibly something nice from the sweet aisles. She in turn was thinking of showing her love by bestowing a Manchester United ring, or failing that dog tag. Aaaaaaaah.

Of course if anyone is adoring me from afar, please feel free to send me any small favours, bijou lovelies, gewgaws, baubles, trinkets - whatever you like, I don't want to pressure you. or spoil the surprise. And let me add, you really must not feel limited to sending me these small tokens of your esteem on Saint Valentine's Day, I will accept them at any time. Hope that makes you feel better all you potential adorers out there.

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