Sunday, February 22, 2009

Steampunk? Who me?

Steampunk meant nothing to me at the end of last year and I'm not sure it means that much to me now. But it appears I am 'steampunk' by association so I felt I should acquaint myself with this genre.

The reason? S and I performed at a steampunk event yesterday night. Well this morning really as we weren't on till after midnight, by which time this punk had definitely run out of steam! Those who were identifiably steampunks were dressed in 'Victorian' garb with added items of a retro-technical nature, mainly goggles, and the whole aesthetic seems to be the future as imagined by Jules Verne. It's all very Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Phineas Fogg.

The steampunk crowd seem to have a taste for variety in their entertainment and so welcomed us with our automated bells (uber steampunk), theremin and kooky vocals. The atmosphere was warm, welcoming and faintly shambolic, which suited us as shambolic is one of our calling cards, and at once inclusive and tribal - if that's possible!

We discovered that we weren't the only people present mystified by the term 'steampunk' but we've decided to embrace their world, even if we stand on the margins brandishing our googles and looking in with rather confused but delighted expressions on our faces.

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